Flip a Coin 12 Mar 2023 

Flip a standard coin, or advance into features like multiple coins, custom coin sides & chances, data tables and more.

23 Jun 2023  Weather Pro 

Get detailed and advanced insights into the weather aroun you, while saving & exporting data, adding weather data to your upcomings trips & holidays, and more.

Trip Planner 17 Dec 2023 

Start planning your trips, and keep everything in one place, including weather data, points of interest, accommodation, flights, and more.

08 Jan 2024  GIF Hub 

Manage, search, edit and create GIs using other GIFs, videos, images, files and HTML with advanced and professional tools..

Escape! 17 Feb 2024 

Play a fun text based adventure game that learns from your decisions; can you escape before it's too late?